React Native - example


I installed the components for the creation of a React-Native app (with expo). Everything works perfectly and I manage to use the example which is provided.
On the other hand, I am a bit lost to go further with the manipulation of data and components. Can you give me a full CRUD example with native React if possible.
Thank you so much.

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Hi Raymutsen
I am also trying it, created front module and couple of screens that works smooth. However, when the entity has a composite entity (sales order line) then this part of the screen is not generated. Are you able to generate that in your project?

Hello Mkhan,
Thank you for your reply. For the moment, I have simple needs that do not require composite screens.
I basically want to be able to list information and access their details. In some cases be able to update fields.
So I wish I could see how you do this in your examples.
I would be very grateful if you could show me your work.
With thanks.

If you want to generate simple UI in React, it’s very simple. Just use the screen generator in frontend module like we do in generic UI.

I am not sure you are talking about the right subject.
I need samples of React Native (Post topic) and not React.
With React you can actually generate screens with the associated CRUD actions. This is not the case with React Native.

Generated React Native application contains basic sample of working with data (see Example.tsx). Currently there is no any demo app, but we’ll consider to provide one.