RC6.4 template feedback 1: UI creation

  1. After clicking on create/create and open, the window notifies when there is any conflicting screen but it should also have a button to replace the existing one.
  2. In earlier version, we had option to create both browser and edit screen in one go, can we keep that option?
  3. The Studio’s new UI needs extra menu selection before a template is selected !

Hi Mortoza,

Thank you for the feedback.

  1. We’ll think about it, but I’m not sure that it can be implemented safely.

  2. When creating browser, click Create instead of Create and open, then you will stay on the templates list and will be able to quickly select another template for the editor.

  3. Could you elaborate?

for #2, I am already started doing that way and see not a problem. However, when I want to have the screen created in a specific path, i have to write the path twice i.e. for browser and editor. If you can give multi-select option that will be great.

for #3, for example, when i want to create a screen, i have to click on New first before I select Create Generic UI. Earlier, we had create screen option right away.

Is there any possibility we can use template to reuse the code in my existing screen where i have some specific fuctions/codes e.g. in-line table edit, Save and Create New etc.?

  1. You are right, but you can also use context menu on entity (right mouse click).

Question: Is there any possibility we can use template to reuse the code in my existing screen

Yes, you can copy and modify an existing template, see the buttons at bottom. See also context help for explanation of how templates work.

  1. is implemented in Studio 6.4.0.RC1

  2. will be simplified in one of the recent bug-fix releases of 6.4, most probably by implementing multi-selection of templates. So you will enter package only once.

Thanks for your feedback!

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: