Quick Start Error - GuiDevelopmentException


I have tried to create the Quick Start Application twice. Once using the Quick Start Video and once using the online documentation.

Each time I get the error below after Selecting a Customer and then clicking Edit.

Any ideas?


Unexpected error

GuiDevelopmentException: Property ‘name’ is not found in entity 'sales$Order’

Frame ID: sales$Customer.edit
XML descriptor: com/company/sales/web/customer/customer-edit.xml

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem by your description. Could you please share your project, so I could see the reason and suggest you the solution.

Sure, attached is the sales project.

It seems you have added the property “name” later that needs to be updated to the database. Please Generate database update script and Update database from the Studio. Then run the app, it should work.

The project seems to be not attached, please share it again.

Attached again. I verified that the blue bar across the bottom finished. The file is called sales.zip and it is 73MB. I don’t see it either after the upload completes…?

I also tried Generate DB Scripts and Update Database, but I still get the same error.

Unfortunately, I see it neither. Anyway, 73MB is not the best size for a sample project. Please use the zipProject task to create a smaller archive, and you will easily attach it.