Quick Start: Cannot get unfetched attribute [price] from detached object


am have some problems with quick start guide part 4
am make all steps but after select item during create of order line am get error:
“Cannot get unfetched attribute [price] from detached object”

please help with found solution for this issue

_WBR, Anton.

am found how am could solve this issue
https://www.cuba-platform.com/quick-start-part-4 at 02:46 during creation of order-edit-view
if am not use previously created orderLine-with-product-view for attribute lines but select manually nested attributes all works fine
are this normally ?

text above is my mistake

new information:
issue is occurred only if am use dropdown for item selection
if am open list of items everything is ok
are this normally ?

May be your view not contain that property you want to select

thank you for your answer

am have project based on quick start guide

if am add items to order lines table with selection from dropdown list am getting error
"Cannot get unfetched attribute [price] from detached object"
if am add items to order lines table with selectiom from lookup screen everything is fine

cuba studio 6.4.2/cuba platform 6.4.2

Hi Anton,

Thank you for finding the inconsistency in our tutorial.

The problem is easy to fix: in your order-line-edit.xml set the _local view for the productsDs datasource. The _minimal view was set automatically, as the productsDs datasource is used also for the dropdown, where only the instance name is required.

We will reflect this in the quick start video.

Olga, thank you for your answer
provided solution solve this issue

extra information:
am could not find any documentation about lookup type and lookup actions options of entity edit screen on pages with documentation
found small but useful information at what’s new information
so am just put link to https://www.cuba-platform.com/blog/whats-new-in-cuba-platform-6-4#lookup-type
maybe it helps someone in future