Questions Before Purchase

When I purchase a one year subscription, my deployed projects will continue to run?

I need to use this license on my laptop and on my desktop machine. Can I do this with one license? I may need to install it and run it on a 3rd machine, my development machine at work. Is all this ok?


the subscription is only a subscription for a design time tool: CUBA studio. It has nothing to do with the software that you produce with this tool. The software you produce will work forever without having to have a license.

In fact the software you produce is a 100% regular java application that has multiple dependencies to open source libraries. One of them is CUBA platform.

When the license expires, you cannot use that design tool anymore. So, when you want to edit the software later, you have to choose another design tool. It might be a plain text editor or something like IntelliJ IDEA.
In this case, you can pretty much compare CUBA studio and IntelliJ IDEA. Both are design time tools that will have positive impact on your productivity. None of them is required for creating and editing the software.

Regarding the license: I think it cannot be used simultaneously, but it is not a license which is linked to a particular device. But i’m not sure about it…

Where it get’s interesting is the question what happens to the premium add-ons that are just java libraries. With the subscription you get access to the maven repo which contains the libraries, which are not free (although the sources are open).

But what happens when you don’t have the license anymore? You already have the libraries as part of your software deployed somewhere. But it might be, that the next time you want to build your software, you have no access to the maven repo anymore, which means that you cannot get access to the binaries anymore.

I am not actually sure what the state of this problem is. Perhaps someone from Haulmont can clarify that.




Mario is absolutely correct about Studio and your deployed applications. Studio will switch to the free mode (up to 10 entities in a project), and your applications have nothing to do with the subscription so they will work as before.

Regarding premium addons - you will have no access to the repository to get them, so if you want to build your project in the future, we recommend caching them in a local repository before the license expires if you are not going to prolong it. See details in the docs.

As for using your license on multiple computers - this is allowed by the license as long as only you as the license owner use it.

See also our FAQ.

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Starting at $139, for how long?

All of the addons come with premium? There are only two levels of pricing?

What is the cost of premium?

Hi @tech.wanker,

Regarding prices and licensing periods, you can find this information in store. I attached a screenshot that answers your question.

As for premium add-ons, they are included in subscription. So, getting the subscription you also get Reporting, Full Text Search, BI, Charts and Maps and BPM add-ons. Also you may find some add-ons in the market. Most of them are free, so you can use them with or without subscription.

In fact there is only one level of pricing: commercial subscription, which removes the limit of 10 entities for the CUBA Studio development tool and grants you access to the premium add-ons.

Let me know if something is not clear enough, I’ll be happy to provide more information!