Questions about license and addons

Hello, I recently purchased the annual development license but I have a question about the use of Cuba Studio and addons. When the license expires can I still use Cuba Studio and addons to develop ?, of course I mean the version that was purchased with the license and not the versions that have appeared after the license expired.
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Hello Jose Alberto,
After the license has expired:

  1. You can continue using Add-ons (you will just stop receiving updates)
  2. CUBA Studio will revert to “free” mode, i.e. will not open projects having over 10 entities. For larger projects, you can either continue in a Java IDE (without Studio), or extend the subscription.

These and some other questions are also covered in our FAQ.

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Thanks for the Andrey response, I would like that Cuba Studio not return to the free choice after the expiry of the license, of course could not be upgraded to new versions, but if you can continue using it without limitations, I think it is a product which is already payout. I wish you could consider this option.
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We have been considering this option, but in such case we had to make the initial price tag much higher. We believe the current subscription price is affordable to the majority of developers.

The most important thing is that you have the freedom of choice with Studio - you can continue development without it. As you cannot do this with Add-ons, we leave you the right to continue using them even after subscription expiry - so that you are no hooked.


Glad to hear that you would have in mind.

I understand an appreciate Haulmont’s decision.

But what’s the recommended approach to avoid the following situation?

After finishing a project a customer wants to receive a virtual machine with a working development environment. Now let’s say after 5 Years (maybe I am out of business) my customer needs some modifications to the application. If I understand the licensing stuff correctly then my customer fires up the VM and Cuba Studio tells him that the subscription has ended and that he can’t open the project because it contains more than 10 entities.

I don’t talk about updates and I don’t talk about getting something for free.

Hi @hubertus!

Thank you for the question!

You are right, in the highlighted situation, the Studio subscription will be expired. However, CUBA Studio is not mandatory for development and, in your case, they still will be able to develop using a java IDE. If they would like to use Studio for development - they can purchase a license.