Question regarding error when adding new attributes to an entity using SQL 2012…


I created a simple entity, associated tables and entity screens.
Tested via the browser and all looked good.
Then I went back and added a new attribute to the entity. When I saved the entity, I was asked to update the edit and view screens (to which I elected: yes)
I then updated the DB script and updated the database.
When I go back to the browser to test the new or edit screen for an existing item, I receive the attached error:
The only way I was able to get past this was to recreate the screens for the entity.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your assistance…


CubaProblemReport1.pdf (19.5K)

Did you try to restart the app server? The ClassCastException sometimes is caused by hot deploy, so it should disappear after restart. If it doesn’t, can you share the code of your screen?

Thanks for the feedback. You are correct. I tried again and made sure to stop the app server prior to adding the new fields and updating the screens. No error this time.

Thanks for the quick feedback…