Question about multiple application architecture


I’m asking for an advice. Our application is complex and is composed of 2-3 other applications.
In the main application, which uses the database per tentant configuration, after the user logs in, he chooses the database he wants to work with (which we tested and works well).
Together with chosing the database the user also has to choose which secondary application to launch.

What options do I have?
One might be to do everything in one single huge app and switch the menus at runtime (delete old menus and insert new ones, which is not ideal).

Another option is to use the multiple apps architecture and to launch the secondary app with some parameters (user, password, and dbname) - or read these parameters from a config-table. In the secondary app there won’t be any login screen, because the user has already signed in through the main app. I thought to do a somehow silent login in the secondary app. Is this possible? If yes how?

Open to ideas.
Thank you.

Hi Tudor,

If the functionality is naturally split into multiple parts, I would recommend leaving it as separate self-contained applications. You can use CUBA Single Sign-On feature to provide a “silent” login into the secondary applications.