Question about log-in page development

Hi dear community,

I want to ask, when I click open my project in browser, I have to login.
Is it possible, to customize the log in page, and how?

For example, I have some people using this project and when they open it, it shall redirect to my server and verify them as “my user” which are allowed to enter the site without need to create an account.

I hope I could explain it a bit clearly…

Thanks a lot

I found a page about SSO in cuba:

but there stand:
“CUBA SSO uses custom HTTP-based protocol and currently does not provide integration with systems using standard authentication protocols like SAML or OIDC.”

Is there a possibility to “reprogram”, because I can only use SAML?

If someone have a hint for me, I would be very glad.

Thanks a lot


Unfortunately, CUBA does not have implementation of SAML login out-of-the-box.

You can develop your own LoginProvider for the Web Client in your application. See this docs on web login process: Web Login - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

Also, I’d recommend that you check built-in LDAP login implementation LdapLoginProvider.

unfortunately, I have not much knowledge in this topic.

Do you have some sources for amateur like me? :slight_smile:

Because its sounds like quantum physics for me :confused:

Thanks a lot

There is no implementation of SAML authentication for CUBA yet, only chance to get it - implement it. In our applications we do not use it, usually we integrate LDAP or Active Directory authentication.