Question about download cuba-project without dependencies

Hi cuba-community,

I try to push the war.file of my cuba-application to cloud (cloud foundry).
When I try to start there, it get problems with proxy and get following exception:

 2018-03-08T10:33:13.58+0100 [API/4] OUT App instance exited with guid 68a7a7b4-692c-494c-a259-acfa6a986369 payload: {"instance"=>"85edeafe-8141-493c-692d-a053", "index"=>0, "reason"=>"CRASHED", "exit_description"=>"APP/PROC/WEB: Exited with status 148", "crash_count"=>7, "crash_timestamp"=>1520501593486255181, "version"=>"9c41fa1b-9bac-422a-a8f0-7c6c7a11e645"}
   2018-03-08T10:33:13.87+0100 [CELL/0] OUT Successfully destroyed container 

And I would like to ask, why it needs proxy to start the application on cloud? I mean, is it possible to get the complete project without any dependencies and then push to cloud, that he will not “build” it there? Or does he need the proxy, because of java-buildpacks etc?

Thanks a lot!