Querying Inside Lookup

I was trying to figure out how I can query inside a lookup table under specific conditions.

The problem:

I have an entity named Project that contains the associated entity Certification. I have another entity Prerequisite that is composed within Project and can be associated with a Certification.

The window setup is as such, there is a project browse page that brings you to a menu page. Within the menu page there is a list of pages that will allow you to edit the associated entities. Two of these pages are the prerequisites page and the certifications page.

Within the Prerequisites page you can create new Prerequisites that are associated with the current project. Within the Certifications page you can create new Certifications and associate prerequisites with the certifications.

I’m having trouble trying to query the lookup page within Certifications to only show Prerequisites composed within the current Project.

Any help is appreciated -J

Hi Jesse,

It’s very hard to suggest anything without seeing your source code. Please prepare a test project demonstrating your problem and we’ll try to make it work for you.

BTW, I think you could take some insights from this sample project: https://github.com/cuba-platform/sample-screen-manipulation.