Purpose of "Link field" on SQL dataset in report structure editor

Hi. What is the purpose and usage of “Link field” in SQL dataset in report editor? I have gone through the reporting docs (several versions of them including YARG wiki) but this is neither mentioned nor explained anywhere.

I now have a certain issues syncing multiple datasets on a single band and kind of hope this could be something that might help me there, just don’t know how to use it properly.


“Link field” is used to merge data from multiple datasets inside one Band. It is useful when whole data for the report row could not be got by single query or Groovy script.
For instance, in a report exists a band “Users” with two datasets.
The first has the JPQL type:

 select u.login as userLogin, u.id as userId from sec$User u

And the second is on SQL:

select u.name as userName, u.id as userId from sec_user u where u.email is not null

For both datasets Link field = userId is set. As result, a list of users will be printed. Names will be printed only for users with email.

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Thank you Rostislav, very helpful (and works!)

Maybe a good idea to add this to the docs :slight_smile: