Public facing Polymer client website

I want to have my Polymer client module setup to allow public (unlogged in) site visitors to access some content in CUBA application. A visitor will only be required to login when they need to do an operation that adds new records in the system.
Following the developer’s manual I setup = true in file. I then removed the cuba-login component from the -shell.html file. I also changed the following in the same file:


This setup seems to allow accessing the site without logging in, however I notice some wrong behavior. No data is displayed until I open a separate standard web client session and login using admin/admin, only then will I see data in Polymer client session.
Please advise on what’s the best setup to have a truly public portal using Polymer module.


Thanks for the report. The issue will be fixed in the upcoming bugfix release.

Is there any estimate of whenthenext bugfix release will come?

There is no specific date, but the plan is to release it in a week.

Noted. Thank you.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: