Provide more and better samples for reporting plugin

Completely Frustrated by the reporting plugin, please provide us with more and better samples.

Including different datasets and combination of datasets (nested).

The current sample set is very limited.

Hi Tom,

Look at GitHub - aleksey-stukalov/sample-report-generation: The sample shows how to use reporting add-on in the CUBA Platform (requires premium package) sample project. It contains additional reports with different dataset types.

Hi Andrey,
Thanks for that link. It actually helps a lot and makes things a lot more clear (especially the jpql and groovy datasets)

It seems the samples are a bit scattered, I looked here

In a cheap way of hijacking this topic, can you tell me if there is a way to retrieved attached entities to use in reporting, it would fix my issue here

My initial enthousiasm has somewhat been tempered.

The samples do clarify quite a bit but still a whole bunch of questions remain. I replied in another topic on the possibility of having nested bands in docx templates. The additional examples only go up to 1 nested levels deep.

Another topic talks about an issue regarding json path expressions but there has been no reply from the cuba team.

Im trying solution after solution for building relatively simple reports, with 2 levels of nesting
(think Invoice β†’ invoiceItemCategory β†’ invoiceitems). Switching from entity to jpql, to json, debugging into the code … running in circles trying to fix issues I’m not even sure if it’s supported or a problem in my template.

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