Provide hookpoint for initiating new item in CreateAction

I have a situation similar to the entity inheritance sample.

The solution works, as long as the superclass of the entities is not abstract.

The CreateAction creates a new instance based on the datasource of the associated table.

Entity item = dataservice.newInstance(datasource.getMetaClass());

perhaps the instanciation could be delagated to a template method so we can override it.

It’s possible in the new actions API, would look like:

    protected void onCustomersTableCreate(Action.ActionPerformedEvent event) {
        Customer customer = // ... 

Ok, so I assume this will not be supported in the legacy api?

I have made multiple attempts at migrating and even starting v7 applications but always run into issues. Because of this I had to downgrade.

I would love to go to v7 but it seems the platform is not stable enough yet.

We wouldn’t like to touch the legacy API if there is a workaround for solving an issue. As I understand, the problem you faced is specific just to some point in your app, so you could for example just create a copy of the CreateAction and fix it locally.

As there is one more independent vote for the feature, I’ve created issue.