Project Deployment on Linux RHEL 8.5 using Tomcat Server and MySQL db

I have a project created in Cuba Studio which used MySQL database. I want to deploy this project’s WAR files on a client’s VM i.e, Linux RHEL 8.5 versioned.
The client is asking me all the perquisites that they should install on the Linux VM so that I can deploy the WAR files. Can you help me identify what all will be needed for this WAR deployment in order to deploy the project?

Quick response would be appreciated!!!

Need to tell them which version of MySQL and Tomcat to install.
Also which Java JDK and version.
Maybe set JAVA_OPTS in Tomcat. If you will deploy the wars, they need to give you the access. Minimally user in tomcat manager group. Some sort of account to ssh into and be able to read logs in tomcat directory, and in tomcat log. MySQL root account.
If their vm is old, they should apt-get update and upgrade.

Also if they don’t give you the MySQL root, then they should create an empty database and grant all privileges to your mysql user account.

In case of MySQL installation, this should be installed on the VM or on the tomcat server?

VM is a server, it’s just that it’s hosted as an image on the hypervisor host.
Depending on the complexity of your app, and hardware requirements, as in will it have large database, does it need to process a lot, store a lot of files, number of users, scalability needs, etc, you decide about your deployment architecture.

For “smaller” applications it is OK to have all on the same server, in your case a VM that hosts RHEL operating system image, which in turn has both MySQL database and Tomcat servlet container installed.

This documentation page may be helpful, though it’s tested for Ubuntu, not RHEL: WAR deployment to Tomcat Linux Service - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual