Problems with Turkish letters "ı" and "i" in entity search/filter

I have a page displaying a table of an entity, and several properties of this entity are Users (sec$User).
When attempting searches on any one of these properties, the Turkish letters “ı/i” create problems.
Starting the project with “-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8” did not change these behaviours.

If what is being searched is the User entity itself, using all uppercase letters works fine for automatic suggestions. The majority of special characters also work fine when input as lowercase, but the letters “ı” and “i” do not.

Specifically, the letter “ı” does not match to its uppercase form. The letter “i” does match, but seemingly stops matching when any other letter is input afterwards.
Screenshots below.

Uppercase “İ” works fine
Lowecase “i” matches at first…
But stops matching when followed by any letter
Uppercase “I” works fine
But lowercase does not

And while searching over the User entity behaves like this, String data like the Name column of User is also problematic, but in different ways - data with the letter “İ” does not match with either “İ” or “I”

We have data with the name “FATİH …”, findable by searching “FAT”
But both letters “İ” and “I” fail to find the same data

As far as we can tell, all other letters specific to the Turkish alphabet (ö,ş,ü,ç,ğ) work fine in the same contexts and these two letters are the only problematic ones.
Please advise.

Google Chrome, Windows 10
Cuba Studio version 6.7.7
Cuba Platform version 6.10.9
PostgreSQL version 12.1.3, database encoding is UTF-8

Hi Sozcan,

Could you create a small test project with sample data on Postgres and send us the project archive (gradlew zipProject) and the database dump?

Hello Mr. Krivopustov,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve uploaded the test project. (82.1 KB)

Problem 1 (the problem about automatic suggestions for the User property of a column) can be seen either on the Test Entity browser page, or on the Entity Inspector -> Test Entity page, when adding a condition for “User column”

Problem 2 (the problem about the actual results of searches when searching on the Name property of User’s) can be seen on the Entity Inspector -> User page

On the off chance it may turn out to be relevant - the database was dumped with encoding UTF-8, and my computer uses English (United States) language - Turkish Q keyboard

Thank you for the test project. We’ll try to investigate the problem.

Thank you for the sample project. We have reproduced the problem on the new Platform 7.2.6.
Here is the issue.