Problem with the version attribute in a table

Hi, we had a problem with our database (postgresql) and we had to recover a backup of it, the problem we found is that on the screens we are showing the same registry several times. For example in the attached image is a table in which the registry has several versions for different modifications made in it, theoretically on the screens should only show the first record that is the first and most current but in fact is showing us all. We understand that there must have been a problem with the data or with the backup and this causes the screens to show several times the same record with different versions when it should only show one. Where can our error be and how to solve it ?.
Greetings and thanks.



Do you mean the query in the screen doesn’t work correctly? Then post the query here.

Hi, I attached two images, one with the data source configuration of the screen and another with the screen and as a sample of the records. Until a few days ago on the screen only appeared a record of “Hiper Usera”, now appear one for each version of row.
Greetings and thanks for the help



Hello, I have continued to investigate and verified that a partner changed all the entities that implemented StandardEntity to Baseuuid by removing the soft deleted, then updated the database from cuba studio. Subsequently I changed the entities of Baseuuid to StandardEntity and updated the database from cuba studio, we believe that it is from that moment when the data began to be displayed erroneously and not to take into account the field version of each record to show only the one that corresponds .
Greetings and thanks for the help.