Problem with special characters UTF-8

I have a big annoyance. I use portuguese characters, and portuguese keyboard.
All of a sudden, don’t really know why, it was working well before, but I started getting problems with our special characters.
For instance the word “Deslocação” (means “displacement” in portuguese) appears now as “Deslocação”.
It only happens when I directly write db fields in the controllers or services. It does not happen if a write the word in the editor or withe the properties.
This is probably a Tomcat problem not Cuba, but can anyone help? It’s been hours with this and I have no idea,
I can not escape all my strings in the program, makes no sense.


Hi. I had the same problem with hungarian. The solution was escape all strings inserted in code. I use IntelliJ Idea and there is a special menu command to do this.

Thank you Sándor,

Yes, I’ve found it. I select the string literal, Alt+Enter and then “convert to basic latin”.
Still don’t believe this.

Please read this, it will help you solve the problem

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Thank you Sándor, it really did solve my problem.
Problem was with IntelliJ file encoding. Somehow, for some time now, all the files I was editing with IntelliJ had their literal strings changed that way. It’s solved now.
You’ve put me in the right direction, I was chasing Tomcat config files and other transcendental things.
Not the first time I fell stupid in this forum.
Well, I won’t be a beginner forever :slight_smile:
Be well, friend, Thanks