Problem with Scheduled task


I had the database in a server different to the application server, but we change the database server to the application server and the scheduled task are running in the old server. Any suggestions?


Sorry, but I don’t understand. Could you explain the problem in more detail?

Hi Konstantin

I had a scheduled task in the project that executes at 6 am.

We changed the database server and deleted this scheduled task.


But the scheduled task are executing in old database. What am i doing wrong?

So you have an “old” database running somewhere, and you see some effects of execution of a task defined in that database? If so, some app server with CUBA application is still connected to that database and runs the task.

Yes, it is, but I only have this application on the application server Tomcat. I deleted the app folder of webapps and app folder in root but it doesn’t work. The “old” database server was SQL Licensed but the new is SQL Express, can it cause the error?

I revised the context file but it’s ok with the “new” database. Inclusive all data are in the “new” database.

Where can I search other connections?