Problem with new datatype


I created a new datatype by extending StringDatatype class. What I basically need is an entity column which automatically converts and displays it’s contents to uppercase. Correct me if I am wrong, but I noticed the following issues with the approach:

  1. If I use the new datatype (which is the extention of StringDatatype) in Cuba Studio, I am unable to specify the length of the column. for same fields I want 30 chars length, for other’s 20 chars, therefor I need the ability to set the max lenght of the field. Even if I amend the ebtity definition clas by adding length attribute to the column and modify the entity creation sql script, the next time I save the entity in studio, all my changes get owerwritten. Is it possible to have the Length attribute for the collumns of the datatype which is the extension of StringDatatype.
  2. The only NotNull validator is available for the columns of newly created column. Would it be possible to have all validators or specify which ones is available for the datatype which extends StringDatatype.
  3. If I use my new datatype in an entity, I am unable to use Entity INspector in Administration menu of the app. If I open the browser and try to create a ne row, I get the error message. This happens even with the sample cuba project from github

Thank you
Darius Pranskus

Hi Darius,

For 1 & 3 see

2 - we’ll check.

Hi Konstantin.