Problem with BPM generation

Actually i’m trying to generating a BPM.When i will deploying a model editor i’m getting error.

How i can solve this error.

as an error messages says, you have a sequence from that is marked as default and have a condition at the same time. You should either remove the “default” checkbox or delete the condition (or erase the outcome if tou selected it)

Hi Max,

i am experimenting for cuba.Now i would generating to a Business process management.
And i was start with a process and login with user name and i’m going to a procInstance tasks there i was gave two outcomes ( vaild and Not Vaild).So i will clicl as vaild i’m getting a error on
(PropertyNotFoundException: Cannot resolve identifier ‘sid5CE038B090974C73A3B4313AB6B183D3_result’).

how i can solve this error.

Hi max,
Thanks so I solve error.