Problem selection Hierarchy property and Type embebed relationship

Hello, I think I encontardo two possible bugs:

  1. When I create a datasource from screen designer, if I choose hierarchicalDatasource the field Hierarchy property can not select any field.
  2. When I create a property in an entity with a Embebed relationship, the Type property lets not select anything.


  1. Hierarchical datasource may be used with an entity which has relation to itself.
    This may be illustrated by example:
  1. Create an entity ‘TreeItem’
  2. Add an attribute ‘parent’: Attribute type = ASSOCIATION, Type = TreeItem, Cardinality = MANY_TO_ONE
  3. Open a screen-editor, create a new datasource.
  4. Set: Type = hierarchicalDatasource and choose Entity = TreeItem
    Now the ‘parent’ may be chosen in the ‘Hierarchy property’ field.
  1. When the Embedded relationship is created, the ‘Type’ field shows only entities inherited from EmbeddableEntity class.
    To create such entity in your project do the following:
  1. Press the ‘New entity’ button
  2. In the dialog choose Entity type = Persistent embedded

Sorry Rostislav, I had not understood the concept.
Thanks for the explanation