Problem replacing parent while extending system user

Hello. I’ve created a system user extension with one additional field, but as i mark “replace parent” set i get an exception while loading project (btw the same thing happened when i did it on a training, but i still have no answer)…
So that i cannot launch my app properly… maybe you have some kind of a guide (not sample projects) how to extend a user?


Could you describe what kind of modifications did you do in extended User entity? Have you added unique constraints or indexes, mandatory fields / relations?

no, i’m sure not to do that… btw unique constraints are not addable at all (cos there’s no table for this extended entity)

I’ve just did the same and everything works OK on HSQL / PostgreSQL.

What database type do you use and what version of the platform / studio? Did you update the database after adding attributes to the extended entity?

We have a lot of applications and products where we extend User and we did not see this issue in them. Could you just attach this sample here as ZIP archive?

Not a DB problem. Sorry for bothering, i got the idea of how it’s done… my problem was that i tried to substitute and (at least do something with) datasource. it was a mistake that wasn’t fixed during trainings… I suggest that you still need to make tiny guides for that kind of common problems, that will help new users to understand platform. Thanks for your time. BTW i found a ticket adding associated fields. will post it here later tomorrow

If you see this problem in logs that means - anonymous user does not exist in DB or has incorrect DTYPE column. This may be caused by the additional fields in the extended entity. If you just tell us what did you do we will be able to improve this and fix the potential problems.

the problem is that i don’t really remember the wrong steps. i’m learning CUBA so i’m trying to remember right steps.

So, i guess the ticket is when you are creating generic screens from the view graph, and set an ExtUser as an entity in datasource tab, it creates the wrong id for your Ds (which i missed and it was my issue) so you have to fix it manually in XML to ‘userDs’ to make it work fine

I think it is not related to this “anonymous” record problem. Please tell us more about the problem if you see it again, we want to fix it !