Problem in adding chart to my cuba project

Hello everyone,
am having a problem in adding charts to my project. I already added the chart component in my project properties,
However whenever I try to add it to the layout, my output is always “JS chart by armCharts”. Someone with an idea on how I should do it step by step please?

Hello, @imisheck

what problem did you encounter? Chart is not showing at all or you cannot display some data?


managed to display the chart finally, however, am unable to put the labels and may be have a key somewhere:
Please see what I have so farScreenshot_1

The chart is based on scores per individual, so I want to indicate a particular person, say John: 33.33%
Adesh 66.67%

also when I try to position my chart to the left by typing: <chart: legend position=“LEFT” />
I get an error too(Unknown component legend), is there a better method of doing it?