Problem in 6.9 BETA3

I have few app Components in my project. All of those app components are compiled with CUBA version 6.9 BETA3 which is consistent with the main application.

When I updated database in my development environment, noticed that several lines of database update SQL active for update. I proceeded with update.

When I logged in using my existing user Id, i got a message that login failed, though actually it allowed me to log in. After checking the user accounts, noticed that, though user accounts are existing but the data in the custom field of the ext-User entity is missing.

Now, when I deployed to Jelastic, the application didnt run, and got the attached message that shows there is an issue with the database update which is related to user table. here is the exception report. user error.txt (10.6 KB)

Hi Mortoza,

I see that you have extended sec$User. And the project uses several custom app components. Where have you extended sec$User: in a component or in the extension-project?

To solve the problem, inspect the contents of the modules/core/build/db folder and try to find out why the column is created twice.
You can simply exclude the redundant script using Studio (it will not be put to WAR) or register it in the sys_db_changelog manually.

Thanks. That’s what I did to resolve, inactivated the Scripts and it worked.