Printing Multiple Forms at once (For example Purchase Orders)

In cases where physical copies of the forms need to be printed out by printer.
For example, Purchase Order to be sent to suppliers or Invoices to be sent to customers.

  1. Is there any suggestion on how to go about printing forms in CUBA-platform?
  2. I would also like to determine Purchase Orders to be printed based on “Browse” filter results and have all these Purchase Orders send to the printer to be printed at once.

CUBA-platform includes the Report Generator which provides an ability to form and print reports. The corresponding documentation is here:

Reports could be launched in two ways: on special “Reports” screen or you can add the “Print” button on any screen you want. In the second case list of selected entities could be passed to the report as parameter.

On the “Browse” screen you can also enable standard “excel” action. It generates an XLS file with the selected or all the records on the page. For more information see: