Print report from not persistent entities

Good morning, I have created a screen in which I have two tables, the entities that support these tables are NOT persistent entities. In one of these tables I am adding records to its data container, once added I want to print this table but I can not do it because it gives me the error:
“Caused by: com.haulmont.reports.exception.ReportingException: An error occurred while loading data for band [detail] and query [albaranesClientes]. Report name [Albaranes de Clientes].
Unable to load entity athia_AlbaranCliente-c9dda860-d870-cd12-1e80-ad8c5341c09e because it has been deleted or access denied”.
I have created the report with a non-persistent entity parameter in List format, but it seems that it cannot access the list of non-persistent entities to print.
I attach screenshots for better compression.
Any idea how to print this table?
Thanks and greetings.

Hi, any idea how to solve this problem?
Thank you.


Non-persistent entities don’t work with entity/entity list datasets.
You are able to create a Groovy dataset and extract data from non-persistent entity parameter.

Sample Groovy script:

//TODO: imports 

def entities = params['entities']
def result = []
for (NotPersistentEntity entity : entities) {
     //TODO: map entity to map
     result.add(['field1': entity.field1, 'field2': entity.field2])
return result

Thanks Andrey.