Preserve Zoom in Gantt chart when refresh datasource

Does someone know how to preserve Zoom in Gantt chart when refresh datasource.
Let say I have current Zoom showing hours of day. The user zoom in to minutes. When update datasource the chart is repainted. And zoom is back to Hours view in stead of Minutes view.


Currently, the only thing I can suggest is to listen for zoom events and save last values. Then after data update restore saved values. Anyway, this is only the workaround and I’ve created the issue.



I have manage to get the Zoom startValue and endValue.
But where do I put it back after refresh? I did’t find any method to put it into.

What version of the platform do you use?


You can use ganttChart.zoomToDates(…) method. Probably you will face the problem according to this issue, which is already fixed. Please wait for the platform 6.4.3 release or upgrade your project to the platform 6.5.0.



:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: