Presentation Issues

Hi everyone,

I have a table with presentations active. I have then messed with the layout and saved the presentation and set the “Use as Default” checkbox.

When I go back in to the screen the saved presentation isn’t being applied. I have to manually select the presentation. Am I doing something wrong in trying to get a default presentation setup?

Also is there a way I can have say 10 columns in a table but only have 5 initially displayed. The user would then have to select to show the other columns and also when using the presentation reset option it would go back to the 5 columns?

Hi John,

for hiding the additional columns, you have to set the ‘collapsed’ flag for this columns, than they will not shown at startup but can be selected later on.

For me the presentation isn’t working too, but I had set the application property
cuba.gui.manualScreenSettingsSaving = true
and don’t check up to now if this is the reason for this behaviour.


Hi @s-m-k

Thanks for your reply. The ‘collapsed’ flag was exactly what I was after. Thanks.

I also tried your setting and I’ll keep that in mind for future but my issue was in the end related to loading the screen in code in to a frame and the user setting not being applied in that process it would seem.