Presales-What is the difference between BProc (Flowable based) and Business Process Management (Activiti based)?

I am looking into purchasing a license for Cuba Studio.

I understand Business Process Management (Activiti based) has been technically “deprecated.” It has been replaced by BProc (Flowable based).

I want to know if BProc has the ability to allow users to create and edit their own workflows and forms at “run time.”

If BProc cannot do this, what are the significant advantages to paying the additional fee for BProc?



Key differences between old BPM and new BProc were briefly discussed in this topic.

Process modeler is integrated in the application, so you create and modify processes in the running application.

As for process forms, there are different types of process forms supported. Input dialogs process forms can be used for simple cases and can be defined in runtime.
CUBA screen process forms are used in complex cases, you need to create them in IDE (CUBA Studio) and redeploy the application.

You can try the addon yourself. Get the trial at marketplace. The sampler application is available at GitHub.

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