PowerBI Embedded reports


I’m new to Cuba platform, but actually really excited about the framework!

I want to create a portal for showing multiple PowerBi reports. I’m looking for the best way to implement the functionality of embedding with the following in mind. Looking for reuse of functionality (get list of reports, change id of report per screen)

On Git there a repository from Microsoft with js libraby (https://github.com/Microsoft/PowerBI-JavaScript)

Is there an sample application with powerBI implementation or can someone point me to the right direction (ea using service, jar in lib? )

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, Reporting ad-don is not able to show PowerBI reports and we don’t have any sample project for the PowerBI.

You can try to integrate PowerBI reports and CUBA application using IFRAMEs (see BrowserFrame component: https://doc.cuba-platform.com/manual-6.8/gui_BrowserFrame.html). We integrate Pentaho reports in the CUBA in the same way (CUBA-BI addon). IFRAME integration is easier than integration using javascript. Typically with javascript, you should have an ability to add custom interaction with the BI report.

Thank you,

You can also use Jasper Reports as alternative :slight_smile: