postgres password context

I setup context.xml and work fine under local, I setup my server x.x.x.x and deploy, setup postgres creating database and user/password like use under context.xml but return me error.

<Resource driverClassName="org.postgresql.Driver"
    <!-- Switch off session serialization -->

app.log (16.4K)

context.xml (772B)

Hello Cuba team, I have other fail now, I resolve the postgres create/roles and now continue my fail.This is m error: when I try to execute via browser: http://X.X.X.X:8080/app/#!
Unexpected error
Please contact system administrator

context.xml (772B)

This is app.log

app.log (13.4K)

Your log file contains the error java.sql.SQLException: ERROR: relation “sys_config” does not exist which means that the server connects to the database successfully but the database is empty - it has no scheme.

You should create the scheme - I recommend reading this section of the docs: Creating and Updating the Database in Production.

The simplest way to keep your production database in sync with the application data model is to specify the cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate application property. Add to your modules/core/src/…/

cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate = true

Dear Konstantin, regards by your help.
Apologize by me new question, but:

  • I copy my tomcat (development directory to my production directory in my server x.x.x.x
    before i set up postgres, create database used under my cuba and setup tomcat installation,
    after check this I create the database and run ./ run
  • Where i need copy moddules/core/src…/ under my new server x.x.x.x ?
    I have my directory where create tomcat (directory and files) from cuba , but I do not understad why and where copy modules directoy and files ?

Dear Konstantin, i resolve my fault, was the postgres LOCALE in LATIN1 and i generate using UTF8 ,then does not generate install in production.

Regards by your guide and help.

At. Juan Gomez