Positioning CurrencyField currency symbol to left of the field in field group

Is there something I can add to this annotation to move the currency symbol to the left of the field in the field group? @CurrencyValue(currency = “$”) alters the appropriate fields in a field group to use the currency field, however it places the currency symbol on the right side of the field.

@CurrencyValue(currency = "$")
@Column(name = "BASE_LABOR_RATE", precision = 10, scale = 2)
protected BigDecimal baseLaborRate;

I’m aware of the individual Currency Field component, but in this case it could be tedious to craft the number of fields I need individually.

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Hello @tommeacham

It is a good idea to manage it with annotation - I’ve created a ticket about it: GitHub.

But now you can use the Component Factories mechanism: documentation.

The following sample will also help you:

pcf.zip (79.9 KB)


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Thanks, Daniil!
If possible, I think it would be powerful if a user could set this from Studio like other column annotations in the GUI.