Portal module

I want to create a Portal module in my application, have looked at the documentation and wondering if you have any sample application to look at in order to have better understanding of the framework.

Hi Mortoza,
as i found that the docs around that are a little thin, i’ve created a sample application with a portal module last week here and blogged about it here .

I hope this helps to get you started!

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For now, we have portal sample in the sample-akkount project. You can try it from the Studio samples page. The portal module of the sample uses backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap.

Next week we are planning to add the lightweight portal sample that will use Angular.js and Cuba REST-API to access to the middleware.

We have just published new portal sample with Angular JS here: https://github.com/cuba-platform/sample-portal ! You can try it from the Studio Samples menu.

Hi Yuriy
That’s a good news! I shall take a look soon. A quick question, what is the tool that you used to develop the portal in Angular JS?

We use Intellij Idea Ultimate with built-in support for JavaScript and Angular JS.