Popup for Composition screens not working


I have 3 entities - A, B and C
Entity B & C has composition relation with entity A
Have generated standard screens for B & C with Editor screen Open Type as DIALOG
And generated standard screen for A in order to implement master-detail relationship.

Now when I navigate to Editor screen for A, create/edit screen for B & C appears as THIS_TAB for Open Type whereas I was expecting to launch as Dialog. Is this known bug or am I missing any other configurations?

The ‘Open type’ is a setting for create/edit table-actions. During the standard screens generation, when you set Open Type = DIALOG for an editor, studio adds corresponding properties to actions on the simultaneously created standard browser.
So the setting is not applied for actions on other screens (Master-editor in your case).

To adjust the ‘Open Type’ for certan action edit the Screen XML-descriptor

<table id="detailCsTable"
                <action id="create"
                <action id="edit"
                <action id="remove"></action>

But, there is also a “dialogMode” property for screens.
If the screen should be opened as a dialog anywhere anytime, specify the following:

<dialogMode forceDialog="true"></dialogMode>



Wow, it worked like a charm.
Thanks Rostislav!