Polymer OOTB problem with query result list

I am new in Polymer and wanted just a simple screens for users.
I’ve tried query result list template with this query

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<queries xmlns="http://schemas.haulmont.com/cuba/rest-queries.xsd">
    <query name="ordersAfterDate" entity="clickplatform$Training" view="trainingViewFull">
        <jpql><![CDATA[select o from clickplatform$Training o
        <!--o.startDateTime> :startDate and-->
        <!--o.trainer in   :trainer-->
            <!--<param name="startDate" type="java.sql.Date"/>-->
            <!--<param name="trainer" type="com.company.clickplatform.entity.Trainer"/>-->

Screen is working without errors, but dont display any data.
If it has parameters, it shows only filter and nothing changes if you fill them.
With no parameters it is just blank.
I thought query should work after parameter fill or after button click, but there is no button on autogenerated screen.
How should it work to display data?

I also have several questions questions about polymer.

  1. image
    filter label is going up to top menu. Guess it should be so.

  2. Also this parameter this Date parameter has type from example “java.util.Date”. But it displays as String, allows to fill it with everything.

  3. Is there any tutorials or workshops about polymer?
    I found

But is contains a very little information.


Hi, thanks for your feedback

I guess there was something wrong with the query params initially, and then you removed params from the query but not from Polymer UI.

Regarding the initial query - currently REST API does not support non-primitive params, so the following definitely won’t work:
<param name="trainer" type="com.company.clickplatform.entity.Trainer"/>.

Instead you should pass the entity id(s), see the example : https://doc.cuba-platform.com/manual-latest/rest_api_v2_queries_config.html

Regarding the additional questions

  1. That’s how it generated at the moment but you can easily customize it via css. Though the generation definitely will be improved in further releases.
  2. Currently you should display and format the date manually e.g. using moment.js
  3. Take a look at Polymer UI tutorial