Polymer... offline?

HI. I need a module to work on Tablets. I took a look on CUBA Rest Api and Polymer integration. My problem is, Tablets not every time are connected to the server. Can I combine Cuba_Rest_Api+Polymer+LocalDatabase?

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Found this topic here
and a tutorial https://www.cuba-platform.com/webinars/creating-hybrid-mobile-application

Is there any Cuba-Polymer-Cordova sample project with localStorage/WebSQL/SQLite uses wich follows the below steps or similar?
-Charge Data on Android
-Store it
-Change and add to store
-Return stored data to Cuba

or just some advices for how to step by step

Project Idea:

-Technician charges route data from cuba to Tablet in the morning
-He follows a route and add results for each visit.
-In route, technicians returns results or new data could be added from CUBA

Note: In route, net connection isn’t available every time. Could happen he visits some customers in a row before he can connect again to synchronize.

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Thanks for a good question, unfortunately there is no demo at the moment but it will be available at some point. Actually we’ll get back to it as soon as we work out state management approach.

As for advice - localStorage is too simple and not reliable for such task so I’d recommend to take look at sqlite plugin.

Our recent experience with Cordova was not really slick. While it’s still the most practical way to create offline web app we will not provide built in support for it. Instead we will invest more in supporting PWA approaches. Here is a good reading about current state of it:


Thanks for the usefull answer. :+1: