Polymer Many to Many entity relationship


I’m exploring Polymer development over CUBA and I noticed that when new Polymer UIs are created, in case there is a Many to Many relationship defined between 2 entities, this relationship is not “displayed” properly on the screen.

I mean, instances created as child relationship are not displayed over the parent entity and viceversa. Hence when the parent entity is saved, an error is being displayed as the JSON object related can be parsed (even when that “field” is not mandatory or needed)

Maybe this could be solved creating a sub list to visualize the child objects… but I would like to get a view from the community.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @viagdo

Unfortunately CUBA Studio doesn’t generate parts of UI for such relations now, so it should be done by you.

I’ll prepare an example if you need one.



I will love to have your view for sure! if you are able to generate a sample I would be really grateful as we are struggling a little bit on this. Thanks!


@tsarev, do you have some updates on this request? Look like other members of the community are also intereste in see that sample. Thanks again!

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Hello @viagdo

I’m sorry for waiting - have missed the topic.

I’ll plan to create PoC in next two weeks.


That would be perfect @tsarev! Looking forward to it.