Polymer iron-lazy-pages - how to display multiple views on front page

How do I display multiple views(custom elements) on front page. I’m using iron-lazy-pages and I tried inserting the following inside the iron-lazy-pages element but all not working.

<jackpot-list data-route="" ></jackpot-list>
<odd-highlights  data-route="" > </odd-highlights >

Only the first element is displayed.

<div data-route=""> 
   <odd-highlights></odd-highlights > 

Both elements displayed but the cuba-query data inside both elements not loaded

<template data-route=""> 
    <odd-highlights></odd-highlights > 

Both elements not displayed

Lastly I tried creating a new view called and inserted the two elements, then insert this inside the iron-lazy-pages as below.

<home-list data-route=""></home-list>

Both elements are displayed but with no data loaded in cuba-query inside the elements.

Note: I can display the two elements when called in separate menus.


Stay with the last variant.
Check cuba-query's auto attribute - if it’s bound to some property make sure it’s true, if you want data to be loaded automatically.

below is what I have in odd-highlights element:


And on the script section:

      value: function(){ return true;}

in the home-list element I put:

 <odd-highlights active="true"></odd-highlights >

This setup is also not working. Infact I’m noticing that when I load element directly from a separate menu/route, it only works when I ‘active’ property is given ‘false’ value as below:

      value: function(){ return false;}

From your post above I would expect it to load data when active = true.

Can you please open the developer console and see if any errors appear?

I still need help with this issue: I don’t see any related error in developer console.
Please check for me:
I want the home page to display shorten lists for Jackpots, Highlight matches and All matches views.


You need to pass active through betwise-home to betwise-jackpot-list and betwise-odd-highlights. So set this attribute for corresponding elements in your betwise-home:

<betwise-odd-highlights  ...  active="[[active]]" ...>
<betwise-odd-list ... active="[[active]]" ...>

Let me know if it does not help.

It worked. Thanks a lot @vlad.minaev