Polymer client module deployment with Generic UI App

I want to run my generic UI application as well as Polymer client app but noticed that only generic UI application is deployed (Jelastic). I understand from the answer to a post that single Jar for Jelastic is going to be released in order publish both Polymer and Generic UI clients.

Any update on this? How do I deploy my polymer client and run?

I have found the same question in another topic.

We are going to include portal and polymer modules to singleWAR in the platform 6.6.0.

Now you can use the approach from the topic above. Or try to build separate WARs (using the buildWar task) and deploy them via Jelastic administrative panel.


Thanks. What is the latest plan to release the version 6.6?

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RC will be available at the end of this week.

Good knowing that and look forward to use this new version.