Polymer add new record to workshop parts entity


I was playing with webinar-polymer-overview https://github.com/cuba-labs/webinar-polymer-overview

I have added the folowing code and now i am able to see parts from an existing order.

          <template id="orderParts" is="dom-repeat" items="{{entity.parts}}">
              <div class="card-content">
                <paper-input label="Title" value="{{item.title}}" required></paper-input>
                <paper-input label="Description" value="{{item.description}}" required></paper-input>

How to add textboxes for parts of a new order?

Thank you

Hello @sorin.federiga

You want to be able to add parts of a new order, am I right?

In this case I suggest that you use the <vaadin-combo-box component, track its value change and add selected item to the entity via built-in Polymer functionality: this.push('item.parts', part);. It will be an observable change and will lead to relayout of your edit view.