Platform version 7.1 SNAPSHOT and 7.2 SNAPSHOT

We see the SNAPSHOT versions of the platform available to use from the studio. Is it safe to use?
Is there any breaking change in those versions?


The team says that -SNAPSHOT versions are for testing only. They are being actively developed and should not be used for production. The last snapshot can even be broken from time to time due to a massive refactoring.

According to the manual:

SNAPSHOT versions are available if you use the repository. They are strongly not recommended for use in production.

Is it safe to use? Is there any breaking change in those versions?

Snapshot versions are intended for enthusiasts who are interested in new Platform improvements to try them early.
Snapshots are not safe to use in any projects except local demos or playground projects, because the API can change any day.
Of course there may be breaking changes - which will be published after particular version is released.


Thanks. If this is meant to be for the community, is there any available info that can be useful even to the enthusiasts who are interested for the pre-release versions to play with since there are breaking changes, new features etc.?

CUBA development is an open-source process.
You can observe new development by looking at the github project.

For example, list of enhancements in Release 7.1 can be obtained by this query:

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