Pivot table prefix suffix error output

I’m getting this output


on pivot table when working on ms sql server as datasource. When trying the same with postgresql it works ok.
Any ideas?

Hello, Ronald!

Sorry for the long delay. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this issue. My environment was:

  • MS SQL 2017
  • CUBA 7.1.4

Could you clarify CUBA and MS SQL versions? Do you get this issue in the specific browser?

Hello, i have the same problem. My environment is : cuba 7.2.16 an postgresql 13.3.
can you give me the solution you found. I’m stuck, I can’t find/
Thank you


Could you reproduce the issue in a small demo project and share it?

hello, I found the solution. The problem was that there were no message key in Resource Bundle.
I have solve the problem by using the following messages key :

thanks for your help.