PetClinic Login (admin) not working

I downloaded and startet the PetClinic Project to start working on the BProc-Tutorial. But the user admin is not working

11:03:22.016 INFO c.h.c.s.a.AuthenticationServiceBean - Login failed: Unknown login name or bad password ‘admin’

How can I fix this?

Are you sure you need PetClinic for BProc tutorial? Maybe you’d better start with empty project.
PetClinic demo has some complex logic regarding session management and security settings, it may be inconvenient to work with this project.

The Video Tutorial works on the pet clinic - so yes if I want to follow it - I need the software.

Download here -
PetClinic Github GitHub - cuba-platform/cuba-petclinic: CUBA Petclinic is a CUBA platform example application dealing with the domain of a pet clinic

Following the video directly I got a different version