Per AppWindow parameter

I want to set up an atribute/a parameter that is globally known (client gui and middleware) an can be used in JPQL syntax.

Is there any chance to do so?
Probably, is it possible to set one user session per browser tab and use an session attribute?

Filtering is not really an option, becuase the user could reset the filter.

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Hi Matthias,

Yes you can use a UserSession attribute, but set it on the client - in this case it will be propagated to the middle tier (not vice versa).


Hi Konstantin,

I’ve already tried to set the user attribute on the client. The problem is that it’s session wide not browser tab wide (application wide).

If the same user attribute is set in an additional browser tab, it gets overridden resulting in both browser tabs having the same user attribute’s value.

I wanted to archieve that the same user attribute could have different values in different browser tab.

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You can distinguish browser tabs only by the fact that they have different instances of AppMainWindow. It can be obtained everywhere on the web tier using AppUI.getCurrent().getTopLevelWindow(). So you could make a parameter stored in the main window and pass it to middleware services as an additional argument.

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