Path may not be null or empty string - UI Testing with Selenium

I was following the webinar for test automation, and came to some problem with a UITest.
I have a class WorkshopUiTest, which has a @Test method createClient().
I have a problem with executing this test through gradle with the following command in the command line:
gradlew testUi -Dselenide.browser=chrome!

Any idea how I can fix this?

Could you please run the command with the --stacktrace or --debug option and share log output with us.
Also, it would be helpful if you provide a small demo project with a reproduction scenario that demonstrates the issue

Fixed the command I think, but something else is wrong now.
with the command:

gradlew testUi -Dselenide.browser=chrome

I get this:

I will try to fix it tomorrow.

Fixed, I needed an .exe extension on the chromedriver path.
The command that works is:
gradlew testUi -Dselenide.browser=chrome

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