Password reset email template

I followed the recommendations of this post,

but even so in the tomcat log it shows me the same message:

08:54:02.701 WARN  c.h.c.s.a.UserManagementServiceBean - Reset passwords: Not found email body template for locale: 'es'
08:54:02.702 WARN  c.h.c.s.a.UserManagementServiceBean - Reset passwords: Not found email subject template for locale 'es'

In the mail history this is queued and is not sent.


What am I doing wrong?


Nelson F.

No suggestion, for this problem?


to get rid of the warnings in the log you have to create default template files without localization in the same package with the localized templates. After that, specify the path to the default templates in the application properties. The system will use the proper email template according to the user language.

The most obvious reason that emails cannot be sent is that you have not set up the SMTP server parameters. You can set the parameters in the database through the app-core.cuba:type=Emailer JMX bean or in the application properties file of your middleware. Open the modules/core/src/ file and add the required parameters:,

Also, check that you have set up the scheduled task for the cuba_Emailer and add the following property to the modules/core/src/ file: cuba.schedulingActive = true

Hi Natalia, thanks for answering, but everything is configured correctly. The mail test works without problem, but the problems with the notification of passwords continue to the users simply remain without leaving.

08:03:13.962 INFO - Email 'Test email' to '' has been sent successfully


Any other ideas to apply?