Password-plus add-on


I’m using password plus in my Cuba project version 6.10.15. I’ve added the dependency in the gradle file as follows: appComponent(“”).

And as I’ve seen in the documentation, I’ve added this two properties in the file:

Then the “PSWDPLUS_PASSWORD_HISTORY” table is created, but when I change some password, there is no record in this table. Also, in application properties option, I can’t see an entry named “pswdplus”.

What I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


This is not enough!

You have not performed this step:

  1. Edit web.xml files of the core and web modules and add the add-on identifier (which is equal to Maven groupId) to the space-separated list of application components in the appComponents context parameter:

You were right!! Thank you very much!

One more thing. In the application properties menu, I can see two more properties: usePswdExpiration and daysToPswdExpiration and I’m interested in them. But there are no instructions in the github page.

As I can understand, these two properties allow me to set a password expiration date. So, how it works? I mean, if I set daysToPswdExpiration=10, How is the user told to change the password after 10 days?

Thank you very much!

Hi again,

Another question. How can I translate all the texts? I’m changing the text from this key “LoginException.loginFailedAttemptsLeft” but there is no effect. What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you!!