Pass param or call function in a screen shown in a frame


Can anyone tell me how to either pass a parameter to, or call a function in a screen that is shown in a frame.

I have a screen (A) that has a frame. The frame is setup to show a screen (B). In (A) I want to be able to call a function or pass a parameter to screen (B) in the postInit method of (A).

Screen (B) is currently a EntityCombinedScreen

You can @Inject your frame and call its function from (A)postInit:

@Inject protected MyFrameClass frameId;
public void postInit(){

Thanks for the reply.

That idea works fine if (B) is a frame but in my case (B) is a screen I have put inside a frame.

Hello, @services

I suggest that you use @WindowParam for passing your param. Take a look at documentation page: Controller Dependency Injection

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